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MIDUS Open Science Policy

All MIDUS data are archived and made publicly available—and are thus share-able—via the University of Michigan Inter-university Consortium of Political and Social Research (ICPSR) or the MIDUS Portal. Per ICPSR’s Terms of Use researchers obtaining MIDUS data via ICPSR or the MIDUS Portal are not allowed to redistribute that data. Researchers who are required to share data sources used in their particular analysis can refer to the specific MIDUS datasets and documentation published at ICPSR. Because of intellectual property issues related to the sharing of programming, code, or syntax, MIDUS recommends that any such code used to subset, merge, transform or otherwise analyze publicly-available MIDUS datasets be shared by individual researchers on a case-by-case basis.

For researchers’ convenience, below are links to MIDUS survey field reports and weighting documentation:

MIDUS Portal

In addition to the publicly-available data at ICPSR, the MIDUS Portal offers researchers access to rich searchable variable-level metadata, longitudinal harmonization information, and the ability to download customized datasets and codebooks.

MIDUS Genomics Repository

MIDUS has a variety of genetic data for the Core, Refresher, and MIDJA samples. This page explains which data are publicly available via the Portal and which are restricted access via the MIDUS Genomics Repository.

MIDUS Neuroimaging and Psychophysiological Repository

MIDUS has neuroimaging and psychophysiological data for the Core and Refresher samples. This page explains which data are publicly available via the Portal and which are restricted access via the MIDUS Neuroscience Repository. We are currently working on making the raw psychophysiological data from MIDUS 2, 3, and Refresher available and will update accordingly when they are.

MIDUS Geocoded Data

MIDUS does not release any direct geographic identifiers in its publicly available datasets. However, the MIDUS Administrative Core does allow appending external contextual data to MIDUS at different geographic strata without divulging actual location. For more details about this process, please review this README.

COMING SOON: MIDUS-CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) linked data

MIDUS will soon have CMS-linked data for decedents in the Core sample. This page provides description of available data and will provide guidelines for requesting access to the data once available.

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