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We periodically create MIDUS newsletters and share them with our research participants. The newsletters provide summaries of some key findings that have resulted from the MIDUS study. (You will need Acrobat Reader to view them.)

Neighborhoods cover imageNeighborhoods
MIDUS research is showing that the characteristics of the neighborhood in which we live can have significant effects on our physical health and psychological well-being.

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MIDUS Achievements cover imageMIDUS Achievements 2022
This special report celebrates almost 30 years of MIDUS contributions to the science of aging, and looks forward to the next 6 years of the study funded by the National Institute on Aging.

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Purpose in Life cover imagePurpose in Life
This newsletter is about the significant health benefits that are associated with feeling that your life has purpose and meaning.

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Cancer Survivors in MIDUS cover imageCancer Survivors in MIDUS
This newsletter is about one of the special populations MIDUS has been following- the growing number of people who have survived cancer.

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MIDUS Sleep cover imageSleep & How It Matters for Health-
MIDUS is linking sleep to many aspects of health, such as pain, obesity, and well-being

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MIDUS Inflammation cover imageInflammation & Health-
Inflammation seems to interact with psychological, social & behavioral factors to put us at risk for multiple aging-related illnesses

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MIDUS Inequality cover imageInequality & Health-
Inequality in America has become an important issue in public discussions and in many people's lives. It is also the focus of scientific attention and a major theme within the MIDUS study. .....learn more

MIDUS Emotions cover imageManaging Emotions- How Feelings are Linked with Physical Health
MIDUS is advancing knowledge of how emotions are linked with becoming ill, and how effective management of emotions can promote good health. .....learn more

MIDUS Employment cover imageEmployment Affects Our Health & Happiness
What is an ideal job, how does combining work & family affect our health, does career success buy happiness? MIDUS data on employment is used to explore a topic that touches most of our lives.
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MIDUS Goes Forward  cover imageMIDUS Goes Forward 2013
We're happy to report that this important national study is continuing into its third decade. We hope past participants will continue with MIDUS 3 and help us understand even more about midlife and older age in the US.
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MIDUS Goes Volunteering cover imageVolunteering - Does it Help Us as We Age?
Researchers have used MIDUS data to examine how helping others by volunteering time or donating money might influence the well-being of the volunteers themselves.
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Childhood Experiences coverThe Long Reach of Childhood Experiences
MIDUS included multiple questions about memories of childhood experiences. We are finding that people's answers to these questions are linked with their mental and physical health in adulthood.
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Daily Stress cover imageDaily Stress- How Does it Affect Our Health & Well-being
Some MIDUS participants completed telephone interviews about their daily experiences eight evenings in a row. MIDUS researchers are interested in whether the stress of day to day living wears us out.
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Cognitive Abilities coverCognitive Abilities - What Changes with Age & Can We Improve?
Cognitive abilities help us think quickly about complex information, remember details, react to new situations, make decisions, and organize our lives.
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Body Mass Index cover imageBody Mass Index - Psychological and Health Aspects
Using new MIDUS data, we review the links between BMI and multiple aspects of people's lives.
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Subjective Aging cover imageSubjective Aging - Importance of How Old You Feel
The answers MIDUS repondents gave to how old they feel as well as what age they would like to be, showed interesting variation depending on their age, gender, health status, and activity levels.
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Marital Status cover imageMarital Status - Links to Physical and Mental Health
With new data from MIDUS, we look at the health and well-being of those who are married compared to those who are not.
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Medications cover imageMedications - Prescription Medications and Dietary Supplements
We find that patterns of medication usage are linked with many factors, such as one's gender, age, educational level, health status, and well-being.
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