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Hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute on Aging
Oct. 24, 2022 in Madison, WI

This event showcased highly-visible and widely used, multi-year studies being conducted at UW–Madison. Presentations focused on how combining data from these studies can help address important societal challenges, such as health inequalities.

Health Disparities Panel

Genetics and Epigenetics Panel

  • Mental Health, Schooling Attainment, and Polygenic Scores: Are There Significant Genetic-Environmental Associations? Evidence from Add Health & the WLS - Vikesh Amin - https://youtu.be/Fam0JT0XdR8
  • Mid-to-Late Life Healthy Lifestyle Modifies Genetic Risk for Longitudinal Cognitive Aging among Asymptomatic Individuals from the WRAP - Yuexuan Xu - https://youtu.be/aOVmQv3MKPU
  • Psychosocial Characteristics and Epigenetic Aging in Wisconsin: Findings from SHOW & REWARD - Joseph Clark - https://youtu.be/m4cubMbucxo

Contexts & COVID Panel

  • Longevity and the Timing of Rural Exposures Across the Life Course: Evidence from the WLS - Yue Qin - https://youtu.be/8bbY4XNSJ5A
  • Trajectories of Residential Disadvantage and Adult Health: Evidence from SHOW - Christina Kamis - https://youtu.be/clzg7XeK5UU
  • Daily Emotions and Symptoms of Mental Illness Before and During COVID-19 - Emily Urban-Wojcik - https://youtu.be/W9u2-OU5G2E
  • Prepandemic Psychophysiological Measures of Prolonged Positive Emotional Responses are Associated with Better Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Stacey M. Schaefer - https://youtu.be/clb5EFAFKOQ




Dr. Steve Cole, Ph.D, UCLA School of Medicine
Madison, Wisconsin - August 10-11, 2021
Steve Cole explores gene expression profiling in the context of social and behavioral research through these 4 videos

Topics in this video: conceptual background, rationale, and considerations around RNA sampling strategy

Topics in this video: RNA extraction and quality assurance, gene expression profiling assays, and detection of differentially expressed genes

Topics in this video: data analysis of social genomics

Topics in this video: statistical testing for gene list analysis and painful lessons he has learned.


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