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MIDUS-CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) linked Data

MIDUS-CMS linked data have been generated for MIDUS participants who: (1) completed the MIDUS 1 (M1) survey or MIDUS Milwaukee African-American oversample (MKE1) survey; (2) were eligible for or enrolled in Medicare and/or Medicaid; and (3) were identified as deceased as of May 2021. Note that future MIDUS-CMS releases will be updated with an expanded sample of living Medicare and/or Medicaid beneficiaries who provide informed consent for linking to their Medicare/Medicaid information. These data will eventually be available on a secure virtual environment managed by MedRIC.

MIDUS-CMS linked data consists of Medicare and/or Medicaid information of the MIDUS participants described above. Specifically, the linked data contain Medicare Part A & B, Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), Medicare Part D, Medicare-Managed Assessments, and Medicaid (if applicable).

Requesting Access
Researchers interested in requesting access to the CMS-linked data are required to complete Access Request Form (coming soon) and submit it along with the current CV to midus_cms@aging.wisc.edu to initiate the process.

Upon approval of the access request by MIDUS, requestors will be referred to MedRIC to complete the request process and access the CMS-linked data. More details about the overall process can be found here (coming soon)


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