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Featured Publications  Nelson, C. ... , 2023, Coping with discrimination: A longitudinal study of health outcomes in lesbian, gay, and bisexual and heterosexual midlife and older adults., J Aging Health

 Klaiber, P., ... , 2024, Positive event diversity: Relationship with personality and well-being., J Pers

 Cuevas, A. ... , 2024, Multi-discrimination exposure and biological aging: Results from the Midlife in the United States study., Brain Behav Immun Health

 Cornman, J. ... , 2023, Exposure to childhood maltreatment predicts adult physiological dysregulation, particularly inflammation., PLoS ONE

 Oh, V. ... , 2023, Income moderates changes in big-five personality traits across eighteen years., Eur J Pers

 Chua, K. ... , 2023, Relationship between contentment and working memory capacity: Experimental and naturalistic evidence., Curr Psychol

 Kwon, H. ... , 2023, The limited role of personal goal striving in status attainment., Soc Sci Res

 Rogoza, R., ... , 2024, The general factor of personality is related to emotional, psychological, and social well-being. , Curr Issues Pers Psychol


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