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Featured Publications  Song, J., ... , 2023, Unpacking psychological vulnerabilities in deaths of despair., Int J Environ Res Public Health

 Liu, L., ... , 2023, A marginal structural model analysis for the effect modification by education on the association between cancer diagnosis history and major depressive symptoms: Findings from midlife development in the U.S. (MIDUS)., J Affect Disord

 Apsley, A. ... , 2024, Affective reactivity to daily stressors and immune cell gene expression in the MIDUS study., Brain Behav Immun

 Kircher, J. ... , 2023, Chronic pain and affective experiences associated with daily stressors and uplifts., Int J Appl Posit Psychol

 Carbone, J. ... , 2022, Measuring allostatic load: Approaches and limitations to algorithm creation., J Psychosom Res

 Toyama, M., ... , 2022, Longitudinal associations of conscientiousness and neuroticism with perceived mastery and constraints for aging adults., Res Aging

 Woods, S. ... , 2022, Depressed mood and environmental mastery as potential pathways linking family relationship quality and disease self-management for African Americans with hypertension., Family Process

 Naqvi, J. ... , 2022, Harmonious relations: Relational interdependence moderates affective reactivity to interpersonal stressors., Soc Psychol Personal Sci


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