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Featured Publications  Upenieks, L., ... , 2023, Religiosity over the life course and flourishing: Are there educational differences? , Rev Relig Res

 Betz, L. ... , 2022, Disentangling the impact of childhood abuse and neglect on depressive affect in adulthood: A machine learning approach in a general population sample., J Affect Disord

 Miyamoto, Y., ... , 2022, Culture and health: Recent developments and future directions., Jpn Psychol Res

 Oh, V. ... , 2022, Income moderates changes in big-five personality traits across eighteen years., Eur J Pers

 Fitzgerald, M., ... , 2022, Childhood maltreatment and provision of support and strain to family relationships in adulthood: The role of social anxious and depressive symptoms., J Soc Pers Relat

 Sutin, A. ... , 2022, The association between purpose/meaning in life and verbal fluency and episodic memory: A meta-analysis of >140,000 participants from up to 32 countries., Int Psychogeriatr

 Miller, S. ... , 2023, Sense of control and likelihood of prescription drug misuse 10-years later among middle-aged and older adults., Aging Ment Health

 Meyer, K., ... , 2022, A comparison of negative financial events experienced by carers and non-carers following onset of the Great Recession., Int J Care Caring


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