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Featured Publications  Furlong, C., ... , 2023, Experiences of sexual assault and financial stability: Sense of control as a potential mechanism. , Violence Against Women

 Fitzgerald, M., ... , 2024, Childhood sexual abuse and cholesterol risk: Testing body mass index as a mediator across gender in a national sample of adults., Child Abuse Negl

 Joshanloo, ... , 2024, Longitudinal associations between psychological and social well-being: Exploring within-person dynamics., J Community Appl Soc Psychol

 Byrd, D. ... , 2023, Multiple forms of discrimination and inflammation in Black Americans: Are there differences by sex?, Soc Sci Med

 Meuris, J., ... , 2024, Contextual inequality in the performance costs of financial precarity., Journal of Management

 Bhattacharyya, K. ... , 2023, Does perceived generativity mediate the association between optimism and cognitive function over time? Findings from Midlife in the United States study., Int J Aging Hum Dev

 Ly, T. ... , 2024, Investigating the effects of discrimination experiences on everyday metamemory accuracy., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Rauvola, R. ... , 2023, Worker aging, control, and well-being: A specification curve analysis., Acta Psychol


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