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Featured Publications  O'Shields, J., ... , 2022, Allostatic load as a mediator of childhood maltreatment and adulthood depressive symptoms: A longitudinal analysis., Psychoneuroendocrinology

 Hayakawa, K., ... , 2022, Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is a possible blood biomarker of schizoid personality traits among females., J Pers Med

 Hodgdon, B. ... , 2022, Family caregivers' psychosocial well-being in the context of the Great Recession., Int J Aging Hum Dev

 Jarczok, M. ... , 2022, Heart rate variability in the prediction of mortality: A systematic review and meta-analysis of healthy and patient populations., Neurosci Biobehav Rev

 Nguyen, V. ... , 2022, Why sleep is key: Poor sleep quality is a mechanism for the bidirectional relationship between major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder across 18 years., J Anxiety Disord

 Ng, W. ... , 2022, The effect of executive function on the development of chronic pain: A prospective longitudinal study., Soc Sci Med

 Anderson, A. ... , 2022, Enjoying nature, exercise, social interaction, and affect: A daily diary study., J Health Psychol

 Betz, L. ... , 2022, Disentangling the impact of childhood abuse and neglect on depressive affect in adulthood: A machine learning approach in a general population sample., J Affect Disord


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