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Featured Publications  Jiang, Y., ... , 2022, Effects of the Great Recession on educational disparities in cardiometabolic health., Ann Behav Med

 Oh, V. ... , 2022, Torn between valences: Mixed emotions predict poorer psychological well-being and job burnout., J Happiness Stud

 Urban-Wojcik, E. ... , 2022, Diversity of daily activities is associated with greater hippocampal volume., 

 Berkowitz, L., ... , 2022, Serum sphingolipid profiling as a novel biomarker for metabolic syndrome characterization., Front Cardiovasc Med

 Jakubiak, B. ... , 2022, Affectionate touch in satisfying and dissatisfying romantic relationships., J Soc Pers Relat

 Fitzgerald, M., ... , 2022, Does spirituality moderate the relationship between child maltreatment and adult men and women's social anxiety, depression and loneliness., J Aggress Maltreat Trauma

 Homan, K. ... , 2023, Self-acceptance in mid to late life: Lingering effects of childhood maltreatment and positive contributions of warm and supportive relationships., J Adult Dev

 Joshanloo, ... , 2023, Personality traits and psychological well-being as moderators of the relationship between stressors and negative affect: A daily diary study., Curr Psychol


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