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Featured Publications  Teague, S., ... , 2018, Retention strategies in longitudinal cohort studies: A systematic review and meta-analysis., BMC Med Res Methodol

 Reiff, J. ... , 2019, Identity over time: Perceived similarity between selves predicts well-being 10 years later. , Soc Psychol Personal Sci.

 Chopik, W. ... , 2019, Gratitude across the life span: Age differences and links to subjective well-being. , J Posit Psychol

 Iasiello, M., ... , 2019, Positive mental health as a predictor of recovery from mental illness., J Affect Disord

 Parker, E. ... , 2018, Childhood abuse and family obligation in middle adulthood: Findings from the MIDUS II national survey., J Fam Ther

 Liu, Y., ... , 2018, Early parental abuse and daily assistance to aging parents with disability: Associations with the middle-aged adults' daily well-being., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Morton, P. ... , 2018, Does early-life misfortune increase the likelihood of psychotropic medication use in later life?, Res Aging

 Kitayama, S., ... , 2018, Behavioral adjustment moderates the link between neuroticism and biological health risk: A U.S.-Japan comparison study., Pers Soc Psychol Bull


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