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Featured Publications  Almeida, D. ... , 2020, Use of saliva to better understand the daily experience of adulthood and aging., Salivary Bioscience

 Wardecker, B. ... , 2019, Life satisfaction across adulthood in bisexual men and women: Findings from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) study., Arch Sex Behav

 Pearman, ... , 2020, Neuroticism Predicts Reasoning Performance in Young but Not Older Adults., Exp Aging Res

 Harris, H., ... , 2019, Is there an 'End of History Illusion' for life satisfaction? Evidence from a three-wave longitudinal study., J Res Pers

 Kong, J., ... , 2019, Effects of parental childhood abuse on daily stress processes in adulthood., J Interpers Violence

 Weinschenk, A. ... , 2020, Does education instill civic duty? Evidence from monozygotic twins in the United States and Sweden., Int J Public Opin Res

 Yu, S., ... , 2019, Why does social class affect subjective well-being? The role of status and power. , Pers Soc Psychol Bull

 Lee, S., ... , 2019, What's not fair about work keeps me up: Perceived unfairness about work impairs sleep through negative work-to-family spillover., Soc Sci Res


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CANCELED for June 2020; we are hoping to reschedule for spring/summer 2021.

A free workshop providing instruction to social and behavioral scientists about functional genomics methods (e.g., gene expression profiling) in research on psychosocial determinants of health.

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