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Featured Publications  Owens, S. ... , 2017, Association between discrimination and objective and subjective sleep measures in the Midlife in the United States study adult sample., Psychosom Med

 Schrepf, A., ... , 2016, Somatic awareness and tender points in a community sample., J Pain

 Liebzeit, D., ... , 2017, Rest-activity patterns in older adults with heart failure and healthy older adults., J Aging Phys Act

 Kong, J., ... , 2016, History of childhood abuse and intergenerational support to mothers in adulthood. , J Marriage Fam

 Lee, D. ... , 2018, I-through-we: How supportive social relationships facilitate personal growth., Pers Soc Psychol Bull

 Stepanikova, I., ... , 2017, Systemic inflammation in midlife: Race, socioeconomic status, and perceived discrimination., Am J Prev Med

 York, ... , 2017, A regression approach to testing genetic influence on communication behavior: Social media use as an example., Comput Human Behav

 Ryff, C. ... , 2017, Eudaimonic well-being, inequality, and health: Recent findings and future directions. , 


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