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Featured Publications  Joshanloo, ... , 2021, Within-person relationship between religiosity and life satisfaction: A 20-year study., Pers Individ Dif

 Christophe, N. ... , 2021, Shift-&-persist and discrimination predicting depression across the life course: An accelerated longitudinal design using MIDUS I-III., Dev Psychopathol

 South, S. ... , 2021, Marital satisfaction as a moderator of molecular genetic influences on mental health., Clin Psychol Sci

 Vargas, S. ... , 2020, A critical review of current evidence on multiple types of discrimination and mental health. , Am J Orthopsychiatry

 Lee, ... , 2021, Naturally occurring consecutive sleep loss and day-to-day trajectories of affective and physical well-being., Ann Behav Med

 Rottenberg, J., ... , 2019, Optimal well-being after major depression. , Clin Psychol Sci

 Yong, J. ... , 2021, Subjective social status and inflammation: The role of culture and anger control., Health Psychol

 Jones, D. ... , 2021, Positive affect and peripheral inflammatory markers among adults: A narrative review. , Psychoneuroendocrinology


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