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Featured Publications  Graham, E. ... , 2012, Personality stability is associated with better cognitive performance in adulthood: Are the stable more able?, J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Karlamangla, A. ... , 2014, Biological correlates of adult cognition: Midlife in the United States (MIDUS)., Neurobiol Aging.

 Friedman, E. ... , 2015, Early life adversity and adult biological risk profiles, Psychosom Med

 Hakulinen, C., ... , 2015, Personality and depressive symptoms: Individual participant meta-analysis of 10 cohort studies. , Depress Anxiety

 Mezick, E. ... , 2014, Associations of self-reported and actigraphy-assessed sleep characteristics with body mass index and waist circumference in adults: Moderation by gender. , Sleep Med

 Petersen, I., ... , 2015, G x E interaction influences trajectories of hand grip strength., Behav Genet

 Kivimaki, M., ... , 2015, Long working hours, socioeconomic status, and the risk of incident type 2 diabetes: A meta-analysis of published and unpublished data from 222120 individuals., Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol

 Joshanloo, ... , 2015, Revisiting the empirical distinction between hedonic and eudaimonic aspects of well-being using exploratory structural equation modeling., J Happiness Stud.

 Donoho, C. ... , 2015, Marital status, marital quality, and heart rate variability in the MIDUS cohort., J Fam Psychol

 Putnam, M., ... , 2014, Suitability of public use secondary data sets to study multiple activities., Gerontologist


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