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Featured Publications  Zainal, N. ... , 2021, Inflammation mediates depression and generalized anxiety symptoms predicting executive function impairment after 18 years., J Affect Disord

 Machia, L. ... , 2020, The diverging effects of need fulfillment obtained from within and outside of a romantic relationship., Pers Soc Psychol Bull

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2021, Subjective age and verbal fluency among middle aged and older adults: A meta-analysis of five cohorts., Arch Gerontol Geriatr

 Ryff, C. ... , 2022, Meaning-making in the face of intersecting catastrophes: COVID-19 and the plague of inequality., J of Constructivist Psych

 Leger, K. ... , 2021, Personality traits predict long-term physical health via affect reactivity to daily stressors., Psychological Science

 Yao Lin, ... , 2021, Associations between social media use, physical activity, and emotional well-being from the Midlife in the United States refresher daily diary study., J Aging Phys Act

 Lindert, J., ... , 2021, Depression-, anxiety-, and anger and cognitive functions: Findings from a longitudinal prospective study., Front Psychiatry

 Galambos, N. ... , 2020, The U shape of happiness across the life course: Expanding the discussion., Perspect Psychol Sci


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