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Featured Publications  Priest, J. ... , 2019, In our lives and under our skin: An investigation of specific psychobiological mediators linking family relationships and health using the biobehavioral family model., Family Process

 Danielson, R., ... , 2018, An effective measure of childhood adversity that is valid with older adults., Child Abuse Negl

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2018, Subjective age and mortality in three longitudinal samples. , Psychosom Med

 Hartanto, A., ... , 2019, Dispositional gratitude moderates the association between socioeconomic status and interleukin-6., Sci Rep

 Posick, C., ... , 2019, The role of physical and sexual assaults on the ability to complete work responsibilities., J Interpers Violence

 Shigemoto, Y. ... , 2018, Moderating effect of agreeableness on coping among cancer survivors: A longitudinal analysis., J Loss Trauma

 Magee, W., ... , 2019, Gender differences in self-esteem, unvarnished self-evaluation, future orientation, self-enhancement and self-derogation in a US national sample, Pers Individ Dif

 Stokes, J. ... , 2019,  Implications of perceived neighborhood quality, daily discrimination, and depression for social integration across mid- and later life: A case of person-environment fit?, The Gerontologist


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