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Featured Publications  Chopik, W. ... , 2019, Gratitude across the life span: Age differences and links to subjective well-being. , J Posit Psychol

 Kim, S., ... , 2018, Caregiving subgroups differences in the associations between the resilience resources and life satisfaction., J Appl Gerontol

 Liu, Y., ... , 2019, Socioeconomic status and parenting style in childhood: Long-term effects on cognitive function in middle and later adulthood., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Rush, J., ... , 2019, Modeling long-term changes in daily within-person associations: An application of multilevel SEM. , Psychol Aging

 Nikolaev, B. ... , 2019, Personality traits and income attainment of self-employed people- accounting for model uncertainty., Journal of Business Venturing Insights

 Cotter, E. ... , 2018, Stress-related eating, mindfulness, and obesity., Health Psychol

 Wiese, C. ... , 2018, The role of affect on physical health over time: A cross-lagged panel analysis over 20 years., Appl Psychol Health Well Being

 Schwartz, J. ... , 2019, Co-twin relationship quality as a moderator of genetic and environmental factors on urinary cortisol levels among adult twins., Psychoneuroendocrinology


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