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Featured Publications  Wilkinson, L. ... , 2020, How painful is a recession? An assessment of two future-oriented buffering mechanisms. , Soc Sci Med

 Scott, M. ... , 2019, The road not taken: Fostering research on the psychology of religiosity and spirituality via underused representative, open-access datasets (ROADs)., Int J Psychol Relig

 Almeida, D. ... , 2020, Charting adult development through (historically changing) daily stress processes, Am Psychol

 Nishimi, K. ... , 2021, Psychological resilience predicting cardiometabolic conditions in adulthood in the Midlife in the United States study., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

 Disabato, D. ... , 2021, Optimal well-being in the aftermath of anxiety disorders: A 10-year longitudinal investigation., J Affect Disord

 Mosley-Johnson, E., ... , 2021, Stress that endures: Influence of Adverse Childhood Experiences on daily life stress and physical health in adulthood., J Affect Disord

 Li, R., ... , 2021, Blood dehydroepiandrosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate as pathophysiological correlates of chronic pain: Analyses using a national sample of midlife adults in the United States., Pain Med

 Hamm, J. ... , 2019, Engagement with six major life domains during the transition to retirement: Stability and change for better or worse. , Psychol Aging


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