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Featured Publications  Brown, T. ... , 2018, Discrimination hurts: The effect of discrimination on the development of chronic pain., Soc Sci Med

 Morton, P. ... , 2018, Does early-life misfortune increase the likelihood of psychotropic medication use in later life?, Res Aging

 Sutin, A. ... , 2016, Perceived discrimination and personality development in adulthood., Dev Psychol

 Slopen, N., ... , 2017, Positive childhood experiences and ideal cardiovascular health in midlife: Associations and mediators. , Prev Med

 Joshanloo, M., ... , 2018, Directionality of the relationship between social well-being and subjective well-being: Evidence from a 20-year longitudinal study., Qual Life Res.

 Liebzeit, D., ... , 2017, Rest-activity patterns in older adults with heart failure and healthy older adults., J Aging Phys Act

 Chen, Y., ... , 2018, A prospective study of marital quality and body weight in midlife., Health Psychol

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2017, Personality and sleep quality: Evidence from four prospective studies., Health Psychol


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