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Featured Publications  McFarland, M. ... , 2013, Does a cancer diagnosis influence religiosity? Integrating a life course perspective., Soc Sci Res

 Carr, D., ... , 2012, The psychosocial consequences of weight change trajectories: Evidence from quantitative and qualitative data [Special invited issue]., Econ Hum Biol

 Wong, J. ... , 2014, Daily work stress and awakening cortisol in mothers of individuals with autism spectrum disorders or Fragile X syndrome. , Fam Relat

 Ong, A. ... , 2011, Spousal loss predicts alterations in diurnal cortisol activity through prospective changes in positive emotion., Health Psychol

 Seeman, T. ... , 2011, Histories of social engagement and adult cognition: Midlife in the US study., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Luchetti, M., ... , 2014, Five-factor model personality traits and inflammatory markers: New data and a meta-analysis. , Psychoneuroendocrinology

 Fuller-Rowell, T. ... , 2013, Race differences in age trends of autonomic nervous system functioning., J Aging Health

 Curhan, K. ... , 2014, Subjective and objective hierarchies and their relations to psychological well-being: A US /Japan comparison., Soc Psychol Personal Sci

 Coe, C. ... , 2011, Population differences in proinflammatory biology: Japanese have healthier profiles than Americans., Brain Behav Immun

 Schafer, M. ... , 2014, Child maltreatment and adult health in a national sample: Heterogeneous relational contexts, divergent effects?, Child Abuse Negl


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