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Featured Publications  Elliot, A. ... , 2016, Socioeconomic status, psychological resources, and inflammatory markers: Results from the MIDUS study., Health Psychol

 Hill, P. ... , 2012, Examining Concurrent and Longitudinal Relations Between Personality Traits and Social Well-being in Adulthood , Soc Psychol Personal Sci

 Kang, S., ... , 2014, Parental caregiving for a child with special needs, marital strain, and physical health: Evidence from National Survey of Midlife in the U.S. 2005., 

 Busseri, M. ... , 2015, Toward a resolution of the tripartite structure of subjective well-being., J Pers

 Heller, A. ... , 2013, Sustained ventral striatal activity predicts eudaimonic well-being and cortisol output., Psychol Sci

 Ong, A. ... , 2013, Linking stable and dynamic features of positive affect to sleep., Ann Behav Med

 Curhan, K. ... , 2014, Subjective and objective hierarchies and their relations to psychological well-being: A US /Japan comparison., Soc Psychol Personal Sci

 Gruenewald, T. ... , 2012, History of socioeconomic disadvantage and allostatic load in later life., Soc Sci Med

 Ryff, C. ... , 2014, Psychological well-being revisited: Advances in the science and practice of eudaimonia. , Psychother Psychosom

 Mann, S. ... , 2015, Integrating affective and cognitive correlates of heart rate variability: A structural equation modeling approach., Int J Psychophysiol


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