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Featured Publications  Cotter, E. ... , 2018, Stress-related eating, mindfulness, and obesity., Health Psychol

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2018, Subjective age and adiposity: Evidence from five samples. , Int J Obes

 French, K. ... , 2018, Challenge and hindrance stressors and metabolic risk factors. , J Occup Health Psychol

 Toh, W. ... , 2019, Executive function and subjective well-being in middle and late adulthood.,  J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Brown, T. ... , 2018, Discrimination hurts: The effect of discrimination on the development of chronic pain., Soc Sci Med

 Lee, Y. ... , 2018, JD-R model on psychological well-being and the moderating effect of job discrimination in the model: Findings from the MIDUS. , European Journal of Training and Development

 Chiang, J. ... , 2018, Affective reactivity to daily stress and 20-year mortality risk in adults with chronic illness: Findings from the National Study of Daily Experiences., Health Psychol

 Tse, D. ... , 2018, Felt respect for volunteer work and its associations with volunteering retention, daily affect, long-term well-being, and mortality., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci


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