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Featured Publications  Felson, ... , 2014, What can We learn from twin studies? A comprehensive evaluation of the Equal Environments Assumption. , Soc Sci Res

 Turiano, N. ... , 2013, Big 5 personality traits and interleukin-6: Evidence for "healthy neuroticism" in a U.S. Population sample., Brain Behav Immun

 Einolf, ... , 2013, Daily spiritual experiences and prosocial behavior., Soc Indic Res

 McFarland, M. ... , 2013, Does a cancer diagnosis influence religiosity? Integrating a life course perspective., Soc Sci Res

 Kimhy, D., ... , 2013, The association of cardiac vagal control and executive functioning- findings from the MIDUS study., J Psychiatr Res

 Novin, S., ... , 2014, Self-related and other-related pathways to subjective well-being in Japan and the United States., J Happiness Stud

 Piazza, J. ... , 2013, Affective reactivity to daily stressors and long-term risk of reporting a chronic physical health condition., Ann Behav Med

 Glei, D. ... , 2012, Social relationships and inflammatory markers: An analysis of Taiwan and the U.S., Soc Sci Med

 Ryff, C. ... , 2015, Culture, inequality, and health: Evidence from the MIDUS and MIDJA comparison., Cult Brain

 Selvarajan, T. ... , 2013, Social support and work-family conflict: A test of an indirect effects model. , J Vocat Behav


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