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Featured Publications  Leger, K. ... , 2015, The association of daily physical symptoms with future health. , Soc Sci Med

 Archontaki, D., ... , 2013, Genetic influences on psychological well-being: A nationally representative twin study., J Pers

 Tsenkova, V. ... , 2012, Trait anxiety and glucose metabolism in people without diabetes: Vulnerabilities among Black women., Diabet Med

 Ellison, C. ... , 2012, Spiritual and religious identities predict the use of complementary and alternative medicine among US adults., Prev Med

 Goodwin, R. ... , 2014, A 10-year prospective study of respiratory disease and depression or anxiety in adulthood., Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol

 Chen, Y., ... , 2012, Enacted support and well-being: A test of the mediating role of perceived control., Communication Studies

 Boehm, J. ... , 2013, Relation between optimism and lipids in midlife., Am J Cardiol

 Friedman, E. ... , 2015, Childhood adversities and adult cardiometabolic health: Does the quantity, timing, and type of adversity matter?, J Aging Health

 Strohacker, K., ... , 2013, Contributions of body mass index and exercise habits on inflammatory markers: A cohort study of middle-aged adults living in the USA., BMJ Open

 Song, J., ... , 2014, Allostatic load in parents of children with developmental disorders: Moderating influence of positive affect., J Health Psychol


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