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MIDUS 2 Pilot Program

During MIDUS 2, a pilot program was instituted in which grants were awarded for innovative interdisciplinary research on adult health and well-being, with an emphasis on integrative approaches to understanding life course and subgroup variations in physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive functioning. All research was based on MIDUS data. Grants of up to $15,000 (total costs) were awarded to investigators from a variety of disciplines. Below is a list of the grant recipients and their winning projects.

MIDUS 2 Pilot Grant Recipients
Year Name Project Title
2003-04 Steven Barger What comprises self-reported health? Evaluating the relative contributions of affect, SES, and gender
  Anne Barrett The influence of early family context on family relationships and mental health in midlife: an examination of MIDUS sibling-pair data using structural equation modeling
  Jamila Bookwala Marital quality, physical disability, and psychological well-being in the mature years
  Robert Edwards A study of the cross-sectional and prospective influences of perceived discrimination on pain-related symptoms: mediating and moderating effects
  Patricia Frazier Psychosocial thriving among individuals with serious medical conditions
  Jennifer L. Pals Lilgendahl The narrative construction of identity in midlife: relations with personality, contextural factors, and well-being
  Shevaun Neupert Sociodemographic and psychosocial variation in the relationship between daily stressors and well-being
  Benjamin Shaw Social support for neighbors, aging, and health
2004-05 Tanya Koropeckyj- Cox Childless adults in midlife: life paths, attitudes, and psychological well-being
  Yuri Jang Perceived discrimination and sense of control: tests of mediating and moderating effects
2005-06 Stacy Lindau Age and gender differences in sexuality: association with current health and life course health events
  Kali Trzesniewski Why self-esteem is related to healthy adjustment: evidence from a behavior genetic study
2006-07 Jason Boardman Genetic aspects of psychological resiliency among U.S. adults
  Sarah Burgard 'Bad jobs' and health: do negative work exposures work together?
2007-08 Mathias Allemand Personality trait development and individual and social investment in adulthood: correlated change
  Rebecca Ready Complexity and differentiation in affect: effects of age, congition, and stress

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