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Maxine Weinstein

Maxine Weinstein

Professor, Center for Population and Health
Georgetown University

Like other animals, people are born and die, and in between they form and dissolve pair bonds, reproduce, migrate, and live in communities. Demography -- the study of human populations -- is starting to explore its biological roots. Most of my research has attempted to link our biological foundation to demography. Besides my work on the MIDUS II project, my recent research includes: 1) A study of the health of older Taiwanese adults. We are exploring the interrelationships among health, exposure to environmental stressors, and the social environment (position in social hierarchies and social networks). The study is based on a national, population-based sample of older adults in Taiwan who have been providing information since 1989. A health examination (including blood and urine specimens) was done in 2000 and 2006; a follow up study is scheduled for 2011. 2) A study of the transition to menopause. A subset of Tremin Trust respondents provided daily first-morning urine specimens for 6-month windows in each of five years. These specimens have been assayed for the urinary conjugates of estradial, progesterone, LH, and FSH. We are documenting age-related changes in these hormones and attempting to understand their relationship to the onset of menopause.

Representative Publications
Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., Ryff, C. D., & Weinstein, M. (2018). Physical function in U.S. Older adults compared with other populations: A multinational study. Journal of Aging and Health. Advance online publication.
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Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., & Weinstein, M. (2018). Perception has its own reality: Subjective versus objective measures of economic distress. Population and Development Review. Advance online publication.
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Goldman, N., Glei, D. A., & Weinstein, M. (2018). Declining mental health among disadvantaged Americans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Advance online publication.
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Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., & Weinstein, M. (2018). The educational gradient in physiological dysregulation: A cross-country investigation. In C. D. Ryff & R. F. Krueger (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of integrative health science. New York: Oxford University Press..

Sloan, R. P., Schwarz, E., McKinley, P. S., Weinstein, M., Love, G., Ryff, C., Mroczek, D., Choo, T. H., Lee, S., & Seeman, T. (2017). Vagally-mediated Heart rate variability and indices of well-being: Results of a nationally representative study. Health Psychology, 36(1), 73-81.
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Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., Ryff, C. D., & Weinstein, M. (2017). Can we determine whether physical limitations are more prevalent in the US than in countries with comparable life expectancy? SSM - Population Health, 3, 808-813.
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Cornman, J. C., Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., Ryff, C. D., & Weinstein, M. (2015). Socioeconomic status and biological markers of health: An examination of adults in the United States and Taiwan. Journal of Aging and Health, 27(1), 75-102.
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Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., Shkolnikov, V. M., Jdanov, D., Shkolnikov, M., Vaupel, J. W., & Weinstein, M. (2013). Perceived stress and biological risk: Is the linkage stronger in Russians than in Taiwanese and Americans? Stress, 16(4), 411-420.
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Swann, J. R., Spagou, K., Lewis, M., Nicholson, J. K., Glei, D. A., Seeman, T. E., Coe, C. L., Goldman, N., Ryff, C. D., Weinstein, M., & Holmes, E. (2013). Microbial-mammalian co-metabolites dominate the age-associated urinary metabolic phenotype in Taiwanese and American populations. Journal of Proteome Research, 12(7), 3166-3180.
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Glei, D.A., Goldman, N., Lin, Y.-H., & Weinstein, M. (2012). Age-related changes in biomarkers: longitudinal data from a population-based sample. Research on Aging, 33(3), 312-326 .

Glei, D. A., Goldman, N., Ryff, C. D., Lin, Y.-H., & Weinstein, M. (2012). Social relationships and inflammatory markers: An analysis of Taiwan and the U.S. Social Science & Medicine, 74(12), 1891-1899.
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Crowley, O. V., McKinley, P. S., Burg, M. M., Schwartz, J. E., Ryff, C. D., Weinstein, M., Seeman, T. E., & Sloan, R. P. (2011). The interactive effect of change in perceived stress and trait anxiety on vagal recovery from cognitive challenge. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 82(3), 225-232.
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Shcheslavskaya, O. V., Burg, M. M., McKinley, P. S., Schwartz, J. E., Gerin, W., Ryff, C. D., Weinstein, M., Seeman, T., Sloan, R. P. (2010). Heart rate recovery after cognitive challenge is preserved with age. Psychosomatic Medicine, 72(2), 128-133.
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Love, G. D., Seeman, T. E., Weinstein, M., & Ryff, C. D. (2010). Bioindicators in the MIDUS national study: Protocol, measures, sample and comparative context. Journal of Aging and Health, 22(8), 1059-1080.
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